As much as gaming chairs offer, there’s nothing worse than a distraction. If you are in the middle of a game, in the zone, wholly focused on what’s in front of you, and your gaming chair starts to roll back, you’re immediately out of the zone. 

There is nothing more distracting than rolling around, thanks to the small degree of pressure from your hands on the keyboard and mouse.

So seeing as this appears to be an obvious problem, do all gaming chairs come with wheel locks?

Do Gaming Chairs Have Wheel Locks?

Some gaming chairs feature wheel locks and some do not. It just depends on the brand and model you purchase, so if wheel locks are important to you, always check that a gaming chair has them before you purchase. But even if you have a gaming chair with wheels that don’t lock, there are still things you can do.

A couple of popular options worth considering are to use some universal wheel stoppers or to replace the casters on your chair with universal casters that have lockable wheels. You should only need a few minutes and a screwdriver to swap them out.

Competitive gaming can be intense, giving rise to absolute exaltation and brain-melting fury in the space of 20 seconds. Even offline play can turn into nightmarish degrees of fierce concentration, failure, success, and often somewhere in between in a small, fragment of time.

If your chair is rolling around while you’re trying to fight your way through all of these mental gymnastics, it can be just as infuriating as what is going on in the game. Without wheel locks, it’s not going to stop until you figure out what’s causing the rolling and what you can do about it.

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Figure Out the Problem

Every house settles. There is no disputing that. While your floor might have been perfectly level when the house was first built, it may be a degree off-level now. Gaming chairs are generally premium chairs and the wheels are streamlined and slick, easily caving into a slight decline. 

It may be that it’s just the way you game, pressing your palms too hard on the desk as you move your mouse and work the keyboard. A slightly off-level floor can easily be fixed by throwing down a rug beneath the chair. 

If you don’t have wheel locks, there are other solutions as well.

Duct Tape, Rubber Wedges, and Caster Brakes

Duct tape is good for just about anything. You can put an engine together with duct tape and it will probably get you a few miles down the road before it melts through the tape. If you just want your wheels to stay in place, simply wrap duct tape around a couple of them. 

Sure, it’s cheap, but you’re not looking to win a beauty gaming chair contest and if your Twitch subscribers are afforded a look at something as low to the ground as your gaming chair wheels, you need a new profession. 

Rubber wedges fit into the wheels easily as well and, worst case scenario, you can always purchase some caster brakes separately and fit them to the wheels on your gaming chair. 

Bottom Line

Not all gaming chairs come with their own wheel locks and, oftentimes, you will have to add something to the mix to keep your wheels from moving. Whether you go with duct tape, rugs, caster brakes, or rubber wedges, at least you have some options when you just need to keep the chair still.