When it comes to a smart home, there is no such thing as a smart home without smart bulbs. The Ring A19 Smart Bulb (Ring’s standard smart bulb offering) operates on 60W of power and provides up to 800 lumens of brightness in your home.

Ring also offers outdoor smart bulbs as well, such as the Ring PAR38. This light runs on 120W of power and puts out up to 1,500 lumens, so they’re plenty bright on the front porch. Notice we used the term, “up to.” Does that mean you can dim and brighten Ring Smart Bulbs?

Are Ring Smart Bulbs Dimmable?

Since you can control the number of lumens the bulbs are pushing, in terms of brightness, Ring Smart Bulbs are indeed dimmable. Inside the Ring app, there is a brightness slider that you can adjust to dim the bulb or make it brighter.

To change the brightness, you simply open up the Ring app and select the light bulb you want to change. As with all Ring products, you have to set each new smart device up when you first install it. That means adding it to your Z-wave, mesh network. 

If the term “z-wave” scares you, don’t worry. Ring smart devices work on a Ring or z-wave compatible hub, which connects to your WiFi gateway.  When you set up things like individual light bulbs, you can group them in your Ring app. 

For instance, if you have a stove Ring light, an overhead kitchen Ring light, and another Ring light over the sink, you can group all three under the “Kitchen” category or whatever you want to name it. You should take advantage of this, as well as name each, individual Ring Smart Bulb.

This will help you recognize which bulbs you want to dim and which ones you don’t. The Ring app will also allow you to dim the entire group if you want.

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Using A Smart Dimmer Switch To Dim Bulbs

There’s another option if you prefer whole-home smart lighting systems. Leviton, Kasa, and Lutron Caseta all manufacture smart dimmer switches. These switches convert the rest of the bulbs in your house (the dumb bulbs you bought in an eight-pack at Dollar General) into smart bulbs.

These switches come in single poles (which means they replace a light switch in your house that’s wired to a single light) and three-way switches for those who have light switch panels that control up to three lights. 

Lutron Caseta, Kasa, and Leviton are all compatible with various Ring devices and Alexa. However, your best bet is Leviton, which is sold directly from the Ring online store. With Leviton smart switches and Ring smart bulbs, you can turn your entire house into a smart lighting system very quickly.

All Things Considered

Ring smart bulbs are certainly dimmable and it’s all controlled by the Ring app on your smartphone, whether you have an Android or an iOS device.

You can also install smart dimmer switches by Leviton, Kasa, or Lutron Caseta and dim or brighten your home on the same network.