If you have a Playstation Plus membership, whether it’s the new Essential, Extra, or Premium subscription, you’ll find yourself eating up your local storage in a hurry, especially with all of those free and heavily discounted PlayStation games. 

If you’re a long-term PlayStation fan, you have probably added games to your library from PS Plus that you’ve totally forgotten about. Now you’re sitting there with a shiny new PS5 and wondering if those older games will look and play even better on a next-gen console.

But before you can test that theory out, you’re going to need to check if you can still download those old freebies from months ago.

Can You Download PS Plus Games From Previous Months?

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You can download PS Plus games from previous months as long as you had a subscription at that time, added those games to your library when they were available, and are using the same PSN account you were back then. As long as you have maintained the same level of subscription you had when you added the games, you will continue to have access to them.

If you end your subscription, you will lose access to all previous PS Plus games, until you sign up again and if you downgrade your subscription, you will lose access to some games.

With a valid subscription, not only can you download the previous month’s games, but you can also download previous years’ that you added to your library, as in all the games you purchased on your Playstation 3, so long as your PlayStation supports them. 

The idea, of course, is that your digital PS Plus games are always yours, once you maintain your subscription.

It’s not only your free PS Plus games, but any game you purchased on the PlayStation store will be available for you to redownload at any time, provided you are still using the same PSN account.

Recent years have brought on fierce debates on what companies should do as far as supporting older classics on next-gen consoles. 

It was an argument that was bound to happen when digital and physical media started truly going head to head. Some of those games still hold up today and, even if they don’t, they’re awesome and gamers want to play them either for an old challenge or nostalgia purposes.

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How to Download PS Plus Games From Previous Months

So long as you are still signed up to PS Plus and still using the same PSN account you used to add the free games to your library, you should have access to each of those games.

It’s an easy process whenever you want to redownload what’s in your game library.

  • On the PS4 or PS5 Home Screen, go to the “Game Library” and open it
  • Go to the “sort by” block and select Playstation Plus
  • Scroll down to the game you’d like to download
  • Play the game once it’s in your library

Some old games may not show up for one reason or the other, generally because it’s something you just can’t play on whatever system you’re on. However, for the most part, everything you purchased, even if it was steeply discounted, should be available to download now.

All Things Considered

With your PlayStation Plus membership, you can go back for months or even years and download the PS Plus games you purchased or added to your library for free. So long as your PS Plus membership continues, so will your access to those games.

However, if you didn’t add the free game to your library when it was featured that month, it won’t be available for you to download now. 

If you let your membership as a Playstation Plus member lapse, those free Plus games you downloaded will no longer be playable. However, six months from now, if you pick your Playstation Plus membership back up again, those games will become available to play once more.