Wireless charging is available for all types of Qi-enabled devices, from smartphones to smartwatches, earbuds, and even larger devices like laptops.

All you have to do is place your phone or another device on the charging pad and it will begin to charge.

But if you can’t leave your wireless charger plugged in and always ready for your phone to be plonked on it, then it’s not as convenient as it otherwise could be.

Can I Leave My Wireless Charger Plugged In?

A phone charging on a wireless charger

Yes. You can leave your wireless charger plugged in. It does not transmit power when it is not charging a device so it will not overheat or waste too much energy.

A circuit in your wireless charger senses whether or not there’s a device nearby and then turns on a charging field when it detects one.

When plugged in and waiting for a device to charge, that circuit uses a very small amount of energy which may result in a bit of heat being generated.

And when you do charge up a device fully, the charging pad will automatically shut off.

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Most wireless chargers will safely drip charge your device’s battery so that it stays fully charged at all times, making it safe to leave on the charging pad all night or for extended periods of time during the day.

However, wireless chargers waste a lot more energy when they are in the process of charging.

They use something called electromagnetic induction to transfer energy from your charging mat to your device.

The process requires two physical coils, an induction coil that you’ll find in the wireless charger and a receiver coil that can be found in the device.

However, if you place your device on the charging pad in a way that doesn’t line up these coils perfectly the device will charge extremely slowly and waste a lot of energy.

And even when positioned correctly wireless charging is nowhere near as efficient as plugging in your phone.

A wireless charger may not be the most efficient way to charge your phone or other device but they are safe to keep plugged in and very handy to have on your office desk or bedside table.