Arguments over PC versus game consoles are as ancient as you can get in the modern era. PCs are undoubtedly the superior platform for high-end games, graphics, and audio. However, they’re incredibly expensive, even for a mid-range build.

Not only that, they have to be upgraded routinely with expensive parts. Game consoles, on the other hand, come with a 5-year lifespan, are much more affordable, and are easier to simply pick up and play. 

The latest argument over game consoles and PCs is over gaming gloves. Are they designed for PC players or are they made for console controllers? Though no one will admit it, especially hard-liners, gaming gloves can be used for both.

Are Gaming Gloves for Controllers?

Gaming gloves are not exclusively for controllers. You can use them purely for PC gaming and they work great. However, they also work great for controllers. In fact, most gaming gloves are marketed to consumers of PC and game console platforms. 

Just about any “best gaming gloves” article you jump on is bound to advertise gaming gloves for both PC players and game console players. The truth is, if you like gaming gloves, they have a lot of benefits to offer for players who prefer a controller, even if that controller is for a PC. 

Cold, clammy or sweaty hands, especially those that spend a lot of time on a controller, tend to react positively to gaming gloves. For those considering buying some gaming gloves, a single, looming question logically follows—do gaming gloves really improve performance?

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Do Gaming Gloves Improve Performance with a Controller?

Gaming gloves aren’t going to improve your hand-eye coordination and they certainly don’t improve the fast-twitch capabilities of your hand, wrist, and forearm muscles. So what are they good for? The reality is, they improve performance indirectly. 

  • They keep your hands warm
  • They stop sweat causing the controller to slip
  • They improve your grip on the controller
  • Reduce cramping during long gaming sessions
  • They keep you from getting blisters
  • Gaming gloves offer wrist and joint support

There are some people that just naturally stay warm at all times. Then there are those who go through life with hands and feet seemingly made of ice.

For the latter, gaming gloves help by warming the hands, which improves blood flow. Improved blood flow allows your fingers to move faster. 

The grip on the controller is vastly important and it has nothing to do with those who are naturally clumsy. Fast-twitch games, such as FPS (First-Person Shooters) require immense precision. One millimetre of slippage on the controller, especially if your hands are sweaty, could mean instant death. 

Blisters, hand relief, and wrist support are important factors as well, mostly for gamers who spend a lot of time with controllers in their hands. Gaming gloves offer support, reduce friction, and protect from long-term hand fatigue.

If sweaty hands are your issue, a good pair of console gloves, like the Ironclad Console Gloves, might be of benefit. They have great grip and are super breathable but will cost somewhere in the region of $40.

If you fancy saving a little money and can live without the gamer branding, check out some lightweight driving, cycling, shooting or other types of sporting gloves. They’ll be better value, possibly better quality and might even suit you better than gaming-specific gloves.

Just be sure not to go for gloves that are pure cotton as they’ll struggle to grip the controller. Also, avoid rubber gloves or latex ones as they won’t be in the slightest bit breathable.

All Things Considered

While gaming gloves may not be directly manufactured for controllers, they are intended for controllers every bit as much as they are intended for mouse and keyboard gamers. No matter what you support (be it PC or console gaming), gaming gloves offer benefits to both.