Depending on the type of gamer you are and the type of games you play, a good gaming keyboard can offer up some advantages over a regular one.

But outside of gaming, a gaming keyboard can offer just as many advantages for when you’re working.

Here are 7 reasons why a gaming keyboard is great for work.

Gaming Keyboards Are Built To Last

One of the best things about gaming keyboards is that they’re built to last.

They typically have more durable key switches than standard keyboards, and many use a more durable construction than standard ones.

The keys on many standard keyboards are built to last for around five million keystrokes.

But the keys on gaming keyboards are built to last for up to 50 million+ keystrokes, which is ten times more than a standard keyboard!

This means that your keyboard will last much longer, even if you use it heavily at work.

Gaming Keyboards Have Programmable Keys And Media Controls

Someone working on a gaming keyboard

Gaming keyboards have dedicated media buttons and keys you can program to carry out keystroke combinations.

This spares you time by being able to control media without having to leave the window you’re working in and makes it much easier to create workflows that are customized specifically for how you work.

For example, you could map single programmable keys to carry out keyboard combinations like Ctrl-Alt-Delete to open the task manager, Ctrl-Shift-T to open closed tabs back up again, or Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V to cut, copy and paste.

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Gaming Keyboards Are Comfortable To Work On

While standard keyboards can often be cheap, good gaming keyboards are typically designed with ergonomics in mind for long hours of use.

They usually have a more comfortable design, which can make typing for long periods much easier on your wrists and hands.

Gaming keyboards like the Cloud Nine C989M offer wrist support and allow you to type in comfort by positioning your hands by your sides instead of having them too cramped together in front of you.

Gaming Keyboards Have Backlit Keys To Help You Work In Low Light

Another great feature of gaming keyboards is their backlit keys.

This means that you can easily see the keys in low-light or dark environments, which can be really helpful if you need to work late into the evening.

Many gaming keyboards also come with customizable backlighting, so you can choose the color of your keys to match your mood or work environment.

Gaming Keyboards Are Much Nicer To Type On

Good gaming keyboards usually feature quality mechanical keys that offer sensory feedback to your fingers as you type and can range from sounding quiet to sounding clicky, like an old-fashioned typewriter.

Whether you work in a quiet office setting or love a loud clickity-clack as you pound out the words, you’ll find a gaming keyboard switch type to suit your needs.

Plus, because they’re mechanical, they just feel so much nicer to type on than the cheaper squishy membrane keys.

Gaming Keyboards Are Faster And More Precise For Typing

Gaming keyboards are becoming increasingly popular for writers, especially if you write a lot of code or do other typing-intensive work.

Standard desktop and laptop keyboard keys usually have to be pressed all the way down before they actuate and this may slow some typists down.

Gaming keyboards have more responsive switches that can register key presses without having to press them all the way down.

This combined with the superior feedback mechanical keys offer makes it easier for you to type quickly and precisely.

You Can Type For Longer On Gaming Keyboards

Normal rubber dome keyboards require more pressure from your fingers to activate and this can cause more fatigue on your fingers over time.

Mechanical keys actuate and offer feedback before having to be pressed down all the way and this makes typing feel less strenuous.

In conclusion, gaming keyboards are a great investment for anyone who does a lot of work on a keyboard.

They offer many features that standard keyboards don’t, such as programmable keys, backlit keys, media controls, and comfortable design.

Plus, they’re just nicer to type on and can help you be faster and more accurate when you need to get words out.